Herb Spiral

Herb Spiral Nov 2015

Not long after moving into the Heritage House on the site which had been bought by members of the developing ecovillage in 2013, our first working bee took place which helped to clear the garden of debris and weeds.

From beneath choked weeds we found the remnants of a courtyard and in it a circle of weed choked bricks.  What could be better than to build a Herb Spiral?  With the help of then new member Eckardt, we assembled bricks and rocks to create a spiral shape and I infilled it with a mixture of sand, compost, cow poo, coir (for water retention), worm wee and castings.  Over that I mulched with wood chips and sugar cane.

Now established for over two years, the spiral is ever-changing which is a pleasure to observe.  It is so handy, just close to the kitchen, for lemon balm, tarragon, sage, thyme, oreganos, lemon grass, basil and memory herb.

When I design my natural house garden, a herb spiral will definitely be a feature.

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