My natural (and healthy) home

Reciprocal roof workshop

Ever since I was given a book “The Healthy Home” by my son, probably 20 years ago,  I’ve known that a healthy home is what I want. Building a home at Narara Ecovillage, especially from natural and recycled materials, gives me the opportunity to ensure that there are no toxic elements that create an unhealthy and sometimes lethal environment.

Focussing on creating a sustainable building which minimises negative ecological impact, I would like my house design to integrate with the environment and harmonise with the landscape.

I want to build a house that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, easily maintained and a joy to live in.  A place I will be proud to invite family and friends to enjoy.  In fact, since discovering the beauty of natural buildings, I am no longer satisfied with conventional housing.  A natural house lends itself to creativity; windows and doors can be non-standard and quirky.  The use of bottles, mosaic, cordwood and sculpture, can all be integrated into the design that will be truly unique, only limited by one’s imagination.  A bonus is using materials that may have ended up as landfill.

I am inspired by these houses:

Cob & strawbale house

Green roof quirky hb housestrawbale house

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