Christmas on Kincumba Mountain

Christmas Bells

Native Australian Christmas Bells to celebrate the festive season.  Happy Christmas to all.

Christmas Eve I was invited by Scilla, who lives in Tasmania, but is planning to live in Narara Ecovillage to join her, her sister from Scotland and great friend of the ecovillage Diane, to visit Kincumba Mountain and view some sacred indigenous people’s sites.  The Aboriginal name “Kincumba” means ‘towards the rising sun.

I’ve been up here before, attending the monthly music jam night “Brackets & Jam”. At the top of a very steep, winding road, there is a large flat rock area on the highest plateau of the mountain which was a meeting place and camp for the Kuringai people.  Magnificent views of the area can be seen and it is surrounded by lush native bush and heaps of leeches!

On the way we admired native Christmas Bells, and then Diane took us down to a gully where we saw rarely flowering orchids.  What goes down has to go up and I collected four leeches on the way which hid in my socks until I got home and introduced them to the Heritage House kitchen floor.

It was a lovely and unexpected excursion and reminds me to make the most of this lovely coast and get out there!

Below – Diane, Linda and Scilla sitting under the storytelling tree and here is Diane focussing on the rare and flowering native orchids.

Diane Linda ScillaDiane and orchids