Narara Ecovillage milestones



So much has happened behind the scenes in 2015 as we move towards the civil works starting early in 2016.  None of us could have imagined the hurdles that had to be overcome to get to the stage when we could start building.  We’ll be able to do that once the roads, bridges and other building infrastructure is completed.

In the meantime, seeing the large greenhouse (that we affectionately called “The Long House”) being pulled down to be despatched to a South Australian buyer seems a real visual milestone. Before, it was hard to imagine 5 housing lots in Stage 1 where the greenhouse stood, but now we have a new vista and visualisation is that much easier.

We have happy memories of social events in that space and has been a marvellous party play area for members’ children.


Now all that is left is some plastic, canvas covers, copper wire and other odds and ends.

Longhouse rubbish

A view from the hill


I’ve chosen my block at Narara Ecovillage.  It’s Lot 33, at 666 sq metres.  Contracts can’t be exchanged until all the necessary infrastructure is completed, but we’ve got our gold dots stuck fast on the lot plan in the Visitors Centre.

My block is about 16 metres wide and I plan to build a house in three joined sections: strawbale roundhouse, a small greenhouse and a hobbit earth sheltered studio.

I can visualise it very well though I am leaving the design wide open for creativity other than mine.

The plan is to build through a series of workshops from footings to earth floor and everything in between.  People from far and wide have said they would like to work on the build so I’ll be starting a data base to keep everyone informed.  Hopefully we’ll start digging at the end of 2016.

Looking for my community

London Bridge

Living in London from 1999 to 2008, I had always planned to return to Australia but selling my Paddington flat took 3 years longer than expected.  Another story! I loved living back in my country, especially London with all it has to offer.  Such diversity, and I enjoyed a rich cultural life in the capital having access to ‘bums on seats’ tickets for just a few pounds.  Ballet, West End theatre, concerts, galleries, private art views, festivals, English pubs, so much to do. Continue reading